Providing Sacred Spaces

Traditional Lots

St Mary’s cemetery has multiple sections for in-ground traditional burial. Most graves can provide for up to two traditional interments or four interments when a combination of traditional and cremation burial takes place. There are also options with pre-installed truss foundations permitting installation of your memorial sooner.

Cremation Garden

St. Mary’s Cremation Garden is featured alongside the sidewalk of the mausoleum for easy access and visitation. It features 6 private family lots accommodating up to 4 cremation burials, allowing families to be buried together. A memorial of your choice may also be installed up to the permitted size. There are also multiple cremation graves available, each allowing for an individual cremation burial and a small granite grass marker.

NEW – Niche Columbarium

St. Mary’s newest columbarium features 288 niches for up to 2 cremations, depending on the type of urn used. The niches are nestled between the mausoleums and under the skylight, allowing for visitation in any weather. Families may choose their inscription, religious emblem and even a beautiful cameo image of the deceased.

St. Francis of Assisi Section

Our newest St. Francis of Assisi Section allows for up to 2 traditional casketed burials and two cremation burials. Poured in place concrete truss foundations have been pre-installed, reducing the settling that may occur with individual foundations and eliminating the waiting time for the foundation to be poured, allowing your memorial to be set in place sooner. This section has also been developed to permit casketed burials without the use of concrete burial vaults or outer containers, saving you up to $3050.00.

St. Nicholas Cemetery

St. Nicholas has a limited inventory of both traditional and cremation graves, and we invite you to Contact Us now, if you are interested in grave space at St Nicholas.

We have developed a long-term development plan for St Nicholas, and while it will include both traditional and cremation options, the primary focus will be on new cremation options. We have received approval for the first phase of new niche development and more information will be provided here as soon as it is available. If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to contact us now. We expect any new development to sell quickly and will gladly contact you as soon as new areas are available, provided we have your contact information.

Rules & Regulations

Our rules and regulations have been written to ensure the respect and dignity of those interred in our cemeteries. We make every effort to notify families of additional changes.